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  • Customer Spotlight: Victor M

    At G-Sight, we can honestly say we have the greatest customers. Our customers often contact our customer service department or our social media tea...
  • Learning To Hunt

    We are living in crazy times right now. For two years our lives have been in an upheaval. Economics, politics, and life in general has been turned ...
  • How to Look More Like You; Tips from Tim Larkin

    Being good at the skill of violence doesn’t mean emulating anyone. When you’re good at violence it means your mind is good at applying the tool of your body against the problem of violence. 
  • Gun Laws Don't Prevent Gun Violence

    The US reports there are 120.5 firearms per 100 residents. In 2018, 393.3 million weapons were owned by gun owners in the US. Legal gun owners are not the problem. 
  • Concealed Carry Tips for the Summer Months

    Whether you choose to use a holster or backpack to carry in the summer time, invest in proper concealed carry equipment  to ensure you have the highest quality equipment to keep your firearm safe and secure.
  • Big Things Coming Soon

    While the world has been arguing about everything and anything, we've been busy behind the scenes creating ways to bring people together! Well, may...
  • Tips From Tim Larkin, The Plan, The Action and Going Through The Motions

    This is why our self-defense seminars are so focused on physical application. The less we talk and the more you do the better prepared you are.
  • July Funny

    How expensive can they be?
  • To Open Carry or Not...that is the Question.

    Be Nice! When you let the world know you’re carrying a firearm, you’ve automatically made yourself an ambassador for the Second Amendment, whether you want to be or not. Make sure you’re a good one by not acting like a jerk. You don’t need to change your behavior or go out of your way to do anything different—just being a good human being is enough to help firearms ownership maintain a good image.
  • Every Conflict Is Won Or Lost With This One Weapon: Tips from Tim Larkin

    “It's not the size of the dog in the fight, its the
    size of the fight in the dog.”

    ~ Mark Twain

  • Sharing What You Love Without Turning People Off

    We will have conversations in our lifetime that range from our significant other, to those who don’t understand why we love firearms, to the people we might never persuade to see our perspective. So here are a few thoughts to help you share what you love, especially with those you are closest to, without causing people to wish they’d “swiped left.”
  • June Funny

    Amatuers vs Professionals