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Newsletter Blogs

  • To Open Carry or Not...that is the Question.

    Be Nice! When you let the world know you’re carrying a firearm, you’ve automatically made yourself an ambassador for the Second Amendment, whether you want to be or not. Make sure you’re a good one by not acting like a jerk. You don’t need to change your behavior or go out of your way to do anything different—just being a good human being is enough to help firearms ownership maintain a good image.
  • Ketanji Brown vs Second Amendment

    It is no small concern, because right to keep and bear arms questions just might be the acid test. Anti-gun-rights groups despise the fact that the current high court makeup has a majority of justices identified as “conservatives,” who are also considered “constitutionalists.” Translation: They’re not activists inventing new constitutional rights, instead concentrating on original intent of the Constitution as a legal document rather than a living document.