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Newsletter Blogs

  • To Open Carry or Not...that is the Question.

    Be Nice! When you let the world know you’re carrying a firearm, you’ve automatically made yourself an ambassador for the Second Amendment, whether you want to be or not. Make sure you’re a good one by not acting like a jerk. You don’t need to change your behavior or go out of your way to do anything different—just being a good human being is enough to help firearms ownership maintain a good image.
  • Sharing What You Love Without Turning People Off

    We will have conversations in our lifetime that range from our significant other, to those who don’t understand why we love firearms, to the people we might never persuade to see our perspective. So here are a few thoughts to help you share what you love, especially with those you are closest to, without causing people to wish they’d “swiped left.”
  • Gun Rights under the "Ministry of Truth"

    Consider President Joe Biden’s (D) clear misinformation  about guns, the Second Amendment, and firearms manufacturers. Will this Disinformation Governance Board have the guts to call him out on it?
  • Gun Control Hypocrisy

    These people would have you believe that this isn’t gun control elitism in action – it’s just that they aren’t like you and me. After all, if you don’t have bread you can always eat cake.
  • Constitutional Carry

    Constitutional carry used to be known as Vermont carry. Vermont as a state never restricted the carry of firearms by any adult. It was ruled by the State Supreme court that the State’s constitution did not allow restrictions, including licensing schemes. Vermont had essentially been a Constitutional carry state since before the United States existed.
  • Ketanji Brown vs Second Amendment

    It is no small concern, because right to keep and bear arms questions just might be the acid test. Anti-gun-rights groups despise the fact that the current high court makeup has a majority of justices identified as “conservatives,” who are also considered “constitutionalists.” Translation: They’re not activists inventing new constitutional rights, instead concentrating on original intent of the Constitution as a legal document rather than a living document.