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G-Sight Blogs

  • Behind The Scenes

    Eric Elton is an Army veteran and our new customer experience supervisor.  Eric is proficient in most firearms. In the Army, he  was a Bradley Mast...
  • Meet Our Customers

    Meet Marcy! Marcy has joined a growing population of first time, female, gun owners. I had the chance to get to know Marcy a little better earlier ...
  • Tips from Tim Larkin

    Why use a handgun, or a baseball bat as a tool? Your chances of being accidentally effective increase with the use of a self defense tool. The tool...
  • Behind The Scenes

    I joined the G-Sight team in September of 2020, and I have enjoyed nearly every single day of it. I also work behind the scenes with our incredible marketing team being creative and insightful. 
  • Tips for Traveling with Firearms

    By Andi Dupper, G-Sight writer, Social Media Marketing Mgr. As we head into summer and travel restrictions are being lifted, lots of folks are retu...
  • My Grandfathers Gun Education

    Like most Gen X kids, I was part of the  "latchkey generation". As such I spent  most of my time with  my grandparents. My grandparents house was pretty humble. Cute front yard, with a kumquat tree in the front, that my cousins and I spent hours throwing the rotting fruit at each other any chance we got. Which was quite a lot, because we were forced outside like "lord of the flies" savages.
  • Tips from Tim Larkin

    During self defense training, you learn that there are stark differences between competition and killing. And yet, when it comes to making the dist...