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New Year, New You

It's the New Year and every where you go, there are whispers of resolutions. Everything from getting in shape to being a better person are the chiming's of the population. Maybe all you want to do is become a better shooter, or more confidant shooter? Well here is my personal list for ways to make that happen. Remember, I am a novice and these are just my tips!

#1. Buy an ELMS+. Not just because I work for the company, but because this tool is invaluable in learning a new fire arm, getting comfortable with a new holster or improving your accuracy.  I purchased a Glock 43x as a Christmas gift for myself. It is my EDC and I am learning the ins and outs. Using the ELMS helps me get used to the weight, work on my cross dominance in my eyes and get more acquainted with my firearm in general. 

#2. Keep a journal. Yep, I said it. Keep a shooting journal of your range time. Include how you were feeling before and after. Mood affects nearly everything in our lives. No reason a mood wouldn't affect the way you shoot.  After a month, go back and check yourself. Did your accuracy improve? Draw time improve? Were you in a better mood after you left the range or ended your session? It may seem cheesy, but keeping track could potentially help you discover ways to improve how you shoot.

#3. Get plenty of rest and eat right ! Yep- the recipe of life, right there. Sleep and eat right. But, think about it. The last thing you should be doing or you want someone else to be doing is handling a firearm on no sleep. ( we're not talking about Navy Seals or other military and PD that spend time training in sleep deprivation.) Going to the range fatigued leaves room for errors in judgement or simple mistakes. Eating the right foods for you, avoiding heavily processed junk food, will keep your mind alert and help you focus.  Don't think diet- think healthy and longevity!

#4. Get a coach, trainer or take a class.  No matter how experienced you are, having someone else to work with can be very helpful. They can point out things we may be missing. Taking a class to brush up on shooting can be extremely beneficial as well.

These are the tips I will be following this year to become a proficient shooter. I hope they help you too.

I'd love to hear any of your training tips. Email me at Andrea@g-Sight.com


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