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The Unique Bullet Bloom I Discovered

Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas is a not to be missed phenomenon. The show is hosted at 3 casinos, and at Las Vegas Convention center. It’s filled with handmade crafts, food and western wear. Thousands upon thousands of booths and vendors. On the first day that I went, I literally found the diamond in the rough.

A young woman standing among jewelry cases with the blingiest pair of silver boots I had ever seen. The boots caught my eye, as I am not really a jewelry person. We struck up a small conversation and something in the far corner of one of the cases caught my eye. It was a silver and black flower, with a gem stone  in the middle, on a silver chain. It was simple, and elegant at the same time. I can’t explain it… I was mesmerized. Totally drawn to it, like a moth to the flame.

Bridget, the flashy silver boots owner, started to tell me about this particular piece, “Have you ever dodged a bullet”, she asked. I thought that was an extremely odd question to ask, and I know my face expressed that. She clarified…” have you ever been in a situation that changed your life?” “Um, hell yes”, I replied. “That’s what this jewelry represents, dodging a bullet.”

Bullet Bloom, Expanded Bullet Jewelry is a father and daughter owned business.

I was back in Kansas visiting my parents. My dad, who is a veteran and a gun enthusiast, showed me these unique metal flower blossoms. I was so completely struck by them and had never seen anything like it. He told me they came from expanded bullets and explained, when a specific type of ammunition is fired under water, the metal peels back to produce a flower shape. My dad and I spent the remainder of my visit imagining and brainstorming all the ways we could turn the expanded bullets into rings, earrings, necklaces and cufflinks. This conversation
became the blueprint for our mission ahead: to create meaningful statement pieces for men and women cast from these magical expanded bullets.

 I have never seen jewelry as unique as the pieces Bridget and her father make together. While the pieces are amazing and something different, the story of this father daughter business feels deeply personal. I am the oldest of five girls, and the idea of owning a business with my father makes my heart smile.

I purchased the sterling silver and black bullet bloom necklace with the clear crystal gem in the middle. I wear it nearly every day. Someone always makes a comment about it, and I tell them what it is, and what it represents in my life, now. This one small piece of jewelry, reminds me that I am a warrior, I am a bad ass and I’ve dodged bullets to get where I am.

Owning this piece isn’t life changing, it is life affirming! The story of its creation, the people personally creating each piece, and the deeply impactful meaning of this expanded bullet makes this piece of jewelry extremely significant when I wear it.

 You can read more about Bridget and her father here, https://bulletbloom.com/pages/about

This is the perfect gift for not just the gun lover in your life, but for anyone in your life that has dodged a bullet. I told Bridget that I was going to feature her in our newsletter, and she graciously has offered an insiders code to you all!

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You can shop here: https://bulletbloom.com/

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