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Shoot For Life

A few weeks ago, G-Sight Solutions released their first change to the ELMS cartridges in a years’ time, The ELMS+. It was released quietly to our insiders, and then to the public. We knew we had something special on our hands, but the response was overwhelming.

ELMS+, 9mm, sold out in just 3 hours!

For those that are not aware yet, ELMS+ basically allows you to shoot for life! The ELMS back caps were limited to 3k to 7k shots. The new back caps are two sided, with 5k to 7k, as a safe estimate on each strike pad. When you purchase the ELMS+, you receive an additional 5 back caps. That is conservatively 40k shots on one ELMS cartridge. The type of firearm and its striking pin constitute how long a pad lasts, in general.

We were fortunate enough to “Test drive” the public’s reaction to our new product at a CCW Expo hosted in Las Vegas. We set up a shooting gallery and let people try out our new ELMS+. This was the first time, for a lot of folks to be introduced to G-Sight as a company.

Hundreds of people with the same reaction; “This is incredible”. As a company, we know that we design and develop superior products. Hearing all the accolades and watching people’s faces light up in excitement makes months of development worth it.

If you have and ELMS, but not the ELMS+, you can purchase the back caps individually. If you have not purchased one of our cartridges yet, or you’re looking to purchase an additional caliber, you will be purchasing the EMS+ automatically.

In addition, we also released a new line of FUN TARGETS. Training shouldn’t always feel so difficult. There has to be fun in learning, and that is what these targets do. They allow you to train and challenge your self and others at the same time.

The SHOOTERS DICE game has been a top seller since we released it. It’s fun, challenging and multiple players can train together. First shooter rolls the dice and has to shoot a target in the corresponding number on that target, that the dice show. There are areas of the target that are smaller and more challenging to hit, making it a valuable training tool.

G-Sight will continue to develop new and superior products to continue to give owners more opportunities to keep training.

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