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Meet Our Customers

Meet Marcy!

Marcy has joined a growing population of first time, female, gun owners.

I had the chance to get to know Marcy a little better earlier in May. I love getting to know our customers, hearing their stories, and learning about why the love our products.

First, Mary turned 60 May 28.  Happy Birthday to Marcy!

I asked Marcy, about her decision to become a firearms owner. She lives in a neighborhood, in Toledo Ohio, where she no longer feels safe. There are 3 women and 3 children in the home. Hearing gun shots every day, and multiple break ins around their home.

Marcy, her girlfriend, and daughter decided they need to purchase firearms to protect their small family. After a lot of online research and YouTube videos on laser cartridges and dry fire training, Marcy purchased her ELMS for her Smith & Wesson 380 BZ in May and got right to training.

She explained to me that she purchased ELMS to better her aim and to get used to the trigger and safety of her gun. Also, to help save on ammo, as we all know ammo is hard to find and expensive. She trains every other day.

Her biggest accomplishment with ELMS, “is to be one with her gun”.

Thank you, Marcy, for sharing your story with me. It was a pleasure getting to know a little bit about you. Wish you all the best in your continued training.

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