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Keeping Your Carry Concealed

Keeping Your CCW – CONCEALED

Just short of 120 days, my CCW finally arrived. I chose to get my CCW to take my protection into your own hands. I choose to train and prepare for being the one that steps up and says, “not me”. My choice to obtain my CCW was mine alone. It’s my business to want to protect myself.

I’m not alone in my decision. Women gun ownership accounts for more than 20% of gun owners nationwide. In 2019, about 5.8 million background checks were done for overall gun purchases, in August of 2020, that number was up 69% to 9.8 million! Conservatively that’s 2 million female gun owners.

In the world we live in today, disagreement, arguments, and judgment surround us. There is so much angst along with a lack of understanding and tolerance for the concealed carry lifestyle you have chosen.  Many people want to make you feel like you are a paranoid gun nut if you are known to be carrying. I’ve composed a few simple items to help you avoid this feeling.

Be Private; Keeping your concealed carry world private does not mean you care about the Second Amendment any less or you are afraid of what others think. You are simply maintaining your privacy and avoiding unnecessary hostility. Unfortunately, as a gun owner, you could be confronted or even bullied for owning and carrying a firearm and your support of the Second Amendment.

With people so agitated, there is the risk of someone going as far as “SWATting” you if they see your gun. “SWATting” is the act of notifying law enforcement with a false report which results in a misguided dispatch of law enforcement on someone who is innocent.


Keeping your concealed carry private means you are taking the high road and are not making your choices the topic of debate.


Holsters: Having the right concealed carry holster is essential to keeping concealed carry private. Make sure you have a few different types of concealed carry holsters that can be worn with any outfit you wear.

What is a good, concealed carry holster? This is a holster made for a woman to safely conceal the gun from view. These holsters must fit our bodies properly so we can conceal them comfortably and easily. Finding the correct holsters for you and the best attire to wear for optimal concealment with it is key.

Ladies, there are holsters out there for us! Holsters that are smaller, slimmer, softer, and versatile that are made for women and made to fit our bodies and our vast clothing styles.

Wear clothing you are comfortable in and that have the features that support keeping your concealed carry private. Prints and clothing that is looser with excess fabrics are a concealed carrying woman’s best friend!

 With today’s styles, it seems like there are so many different patterns out there and tops that flow in all the right places.

Your Selected Gun: Carrying the best gun for concealed carry is another key factor. You must take your body size, shape and your clothing styles into consideration when selecting your concealed carry gun. Think of it this way; If you are a tiny, petite woman who likes to wear tight fitting clothing, carrying a full-sized or large gun successfully on your body is doubtful. Unless you wear looser clothes with the features ideal for concealed carry, you will struggle to conceal your gun. If you are fuller-figured woman, trying to reach into a larger bustline or mid-section to draw a small pocket pistol buried in all of that “good stuff” may be difficult.


Your Mindset: Pump yourself up with confidence! What you see is not what others see.

If you are constantly tugging where your holstered gun is, you are drawing attention to the thing you don’t want anyone to know is there! Thinking that everyone around you sees a giant holstered gun walking around creates an insecurity and preoccupation that only piques the curiosity and attention of those around you.  This only invites people to notice, and their eyes will be drawn directly to where you are fidgeting. Having the right gun in the right holster and truly dressing to keep concealed carry a secret will not only work, it will also bring you the confidence you need.

Yes, you may choose to not bring up the subject and be openly public about being a concealed carrier. However, it is important to note, this does not mean you go silent on your rights. “Speak up” by using your power of your voice to speak up and to vote. Make sure you are informed on the anti-gun legislation and make sure you vote for what you believe in.

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