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Behind The Scenes

Eric Elton is an Army veteran and our new customer experience supervisor. 

Eric is proficient in most firearms. In the Army, he  was a Bradley Master Gunner. That platform has a 25mm Bushmaster Machine Gun, 7.62 M240 Machine Gun, Smoke Grenade Launchers, and a TOW missile launcher. 

He was a Range Safety Officer for a local gun range, prior to accepting a position in customer service with G-Sight. In what little free time Eric has, he likes to spend time with his family drink Monster and smoking.

"Slow is Smooth, Smooth is FAST! " is his biggest lesson from his Army service

Eric shared one his most memorable moments in the military with us...

For me, my most memorable moment was when I was promoted to SGT. I knew from childhood I wanted to be a Soldier. Not just any Soldier but I wanted to be an Infantryman. My grandfather was an Infantryman in WWII in the 75th Infantry regiment. He had his legs blown off from a land mine while pushing his commander out of the way. His sacrifice and ability to never let that change him was my passion for wanting to join the military. He achieved the rank of SGT while he was in, so I always wanted to achieve that same rank. When I did It was a surreal moment in my life that I will never forget. 

If you ever get the opportunity to interact with Eric, you'll experience a true professional and knowledgeable member of the G-Sight team. 

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