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Shooters Poker Target 800C

Shooters Poker Target 800C

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11" x 15.5" This SHOOTER’S POKER Wall Target printed on heavy weight premium matte card stock. Custom designed for the ALL NEW ELMS phone app, this target features a standard playing card deck and incorporates Poker and Shooting into an all new revolutionary game! 

Sure to provide loads of fun Shooter’s Poker gives you 3 versions of game play.

Version 1 - STANDARD GAME: 1 To 3 Players – Shuffle the deck (Include Both Jokers)  deal 10 cards to each player. Next, players review their hands and may choose to discard and draw 0 – 4 new cards from the deck. Players may arrange their cards in any order they choose. Beginning with the player left of the dealer, start the SHOOTERS POKER TARGET on Cell Phone App. Next, Flip your cards over one at a time, shooting your ELMS at the corresponding card on the target. You have one shot per flipped card and must hit that card in order to score.  Complete your 10 shots, save your results and calculate your total score for that round. All players continue in order and complete 5 full rounds of play. The winner of the match is determined by the highest cumulative total score of all 5 rounds.

Basic Auto Scoring:

  • JOKER = 21 PTS
  • ACE = 18 PTS
  • FACE CARD (J-Q-K) = 15 PTS

Version 2 - SHOOTERS POKER GAME: Same rules aapply as in the standard game while adding in a bonus score in each round for your best poker hand. (SEE BONUS SCORES BELOW) Jokers are wild and you may use only 5 of your 10 cards to build your poker hand. To qualify for a bonus score, the cards used in your poker hand must consist of only 5 scoring hits on the target. The bonus points are added to your round's basic score total.

Poker Bonus Auto Scoring:

  • 1 PAIR = 15 PTS
  • 2 PAIR = 40 PTS 
  • 3 OF A KIND = 80 PTS
  • STRAIGHT = 110 PTS
  • FLUSH = 125 PTS  
  • FULL HOUSE = 160 PTS  
  • 4 OF A KIND = 190 PTS

Version 3 – SHOOTERS POKER TOURNAMENT STYLE (with Chips): For 2 OR 3 Players. Same rules apply as in regular shooters poker. every player starts with a predetermined and equal amount of chips. After the cards are initially dealt, there is one roundof betting. Each player has the option of checking, betting or calling, raising or folding. Next, players go through the discard and draw option followed by a 2nd and final round of betting. Players by a 2nd and final round of betting. Players again have the option to Check, Bet, Call, Raise or Fold