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11" x 15.5" USPSA Themed Wall Target printed on heavy weight premium matte card stock. Custom designed for the ELMS phone app, this target features a 10 shot speed drill to be used with the ELMS Shot Timer App. A perfect score on this target for a 10 shot drill is 50 points.

RULES: 10 Shots - Using the G-Sight Shot Timer App, set your session for 10 shots – Include the number of sessions, reload time between sessions and your desired make ready time – Hit start and your countdown will begin – The buzzer will signal your start – In any order you choose, you must attempt 2 shots at each of the 5 targets in your fastest time to completion. SCORING: A = 5 points  C = 3 points  D = 1 point

Any laser strike recorded on the white portion outside the target is a minus 10 points off your scoring totals