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11" x 15.5" This SHOOTER’S DICE Wall Target printed on heavy weight premium matte card stock. Custom designed for the ELMS phone app, this target features a nine quadrant grid and two narrow horizontal targeting bars. Each of the zones are identified by a number designation (2-12). All zones contain different scoring opportunities (designated by color) that you’ll be targeting after each roll of the dice. INCLUDED with the target are one pair of Deep Blue transparent Casino Grade 19mm Dice. Razor edges and flush pips drilled to identical depths ensure each of the six sides are weighted the same for truly random rolls for your Shooter's Dice Game Play.

RULES: 10 Shots - Prior to each shot, roll the dice. The number that you roll determines your targeting zone for that shot. In multi-player competition, high score wins the round. Winner of a match is the 3 round cumulative high score.