Do not install or use this product unless you are familiar with firearms safety and operation.

Before installing or using this product, confirm all firearms are unloaded and no live ammo is in the training area/room. Check all magazines are empty.



  • Ensure all firearms are unloaded and no live ammo is in the train ing area or room.


  • Unscrew the back cap off the cartridge body
  • Remove the black paper battery protector, ensure the batteries are inserted with unmarked (negative) side up, and screw the back cap onto the cartridge body until finger tight. The cartridge will not work or fit in your firearm's chamber unless this is removed.
  • Point the laser in a safe direction and press down firmly on the back cap rubber strike pad with the tip of a ball point pen to verify the laser is working.
  • Confirm firearms are unloaded and inspect training area/room again, to ensure no live ammo is in the area
  • Place Laser Cartridge into the firearm chamber.


  • Treat the Laser Cartridge as an electronic device and avoid high humidity and water.
  • Treat batteries with care. Remove batteries if the cartridge won’t be used for an extended time.
  • Dispose of dead batteries properly.
  • The Quantum XG and ELMS cartridge uses the 1.5 V AG4 (also known as LR626) Alkaline Cell battery.


If the Laser Cartridge does not fit into the chamber, try oiling the O-ring with gun oil. If it still doesn’t fit, you may need to remove one or both O- rings.

Carefully close the action of the firearm onto the Laser Cartridge. Gently guide the action to close without letting slides, bolts, etc. slam shut onto the Laser Cartridge.



App Set Up


Quantum Pack Tripod Set Up

STEP 1: 

  • Press rubber gasket into the tripod screw, rotate connector clockwise to tighten.

STEP 2: 

  • Rotate phone holder clockwise to attach.


  • Rotate top half of the connector clockwise to tighten.


  • Attach phone and place it in front of target.