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Meet Jeff, Army Veteran and ELMS Enthusiast

By; Andi Dupper Content and Social Media Manager
We have a lot of loyal customers at G-Sight. One of our favorites is Retired Sgt. Jeff Wiederrich. He's a retired Army Sgt that repos cars now. Below is his story, in his words.
I'm 47 years old, live in the woods of Washington state with my wife. All our kids have kids and live here also. I did 17.5 years in the army. Was medically retired after my 4th deployment. Did 1.5 years as a contractor in Afghanistan.
I've been in a lot of shooting competitions back in the day, actually won a few. Was on the Arizona state top 100 and Governors Dozen.
When the "pandemic" hit and ammo prices went sideways, I wasn't too excited about wasting it in my range. I saw similar ads for laser training on FB. I looked into all of them. Spoke to some of my shooter buddies. Went with G-SIGHT'S ELMS system and it was exactly what I was looking for. I let my friends try out it and they wouldn't leave my house. 
After hours of completion and making up shooting drills, they all bought one too. It was snowing outside and the shop was cold, so I put targets at the end of the hallway in the house, using the entire kitchen to create cover and concealment to simulate home invasion scenarios. My wife wanted in after making fun of me. She ran batteries dead.
It's so much easier to train friends and family about the fundamentals of shooting, when they aren't intimidated by a noisy gun full of ammo since they've never really done a lot of proper shooting.
Most of my friends that have high level security jobs or are still in the military, are able to maintain hands on practice without the hassle of going to the range every time.
I'd like to see more interactive options available on the app as they grow and develop the systems capabilities.
Fun Fact, I love riding dirt bikes, so I'll stop and engage random targets setup on my property, inspired by watching too much Walking Dead.

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