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Honored by Our G-Sight Veterans

Our behind the scenes this month is a salute to our three Veterans that we have working at G-Sight. Our Veterans represent the Army, Marines and Airforce, with over 70 years of service, collectively.

We wanted to share a little bit about these heroes and their service to the United States. They each play a very important role on our G-Sight Team, and we are thankful for them every day, but especially for their sacrifices on Veterans Day.

Eric Elton, Special Operations Officer US Army Veteran

Eric spent 22 years and 10 months active duty. He shared with us his most memorable moment during his service.

 “When I was promoted to SGT. I knew from childhood I wanted to be a Soldier. Not just any Soldier but I wanted to be an Infantryman. My grandfather was an Infantryman in WWII in the 75th Infantry regiment. He had his legs blown off from a land mine while pushing his commander out of the way. His sacrifice and ability to never let that change him was my passion for wanting to join the military. He achieved the rank of SGT while he was in, so I always wanted to achieve that same rank. When I did It was a surreal moment in my life that I will never forget. “

 Kevin Klingberg, US Airforce, Veteran, Customer Experience Team

Kevin served 20 years in the US Air Force as a commissioned officer in the Security Forces career and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. During his service, Kevin filled various positions from operations officer to headquarters staff officer and squadron commander. From Kunsan Air base to Seymour Johnson Airforce base to many more over the US, to serving as Deputy Group Commander Nellis Airforce base NV. Upon leaving the Air Force, Kevin parlayed his military experience with the security services contractor at the Nevada National Security Site ( formerly known as the Nevada Test Site) where for 13 years, he worked as a manager and director supporting security operations and asset protection at this national -level facility.

One memorable experience for Kevin was his four month deployment to the Doha International Airport, Doha Qatar as Security Forces Squadron Commander providing asset protection for a deployed f-16 squadron. Their mission was to provide "no-fly zone" support in the aftermath of the Khobar Towers terrorist attack at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. 

Jose Garcia Rizo, US Marines, Veteran, Customer Experience Team

Jose was enlisted in the Marines right out of high school. He spent 8 years in the Marine Corps, and attained the rank of Sergeant and billet of a squad leader. He had the home of being assigned to the prestigious 1st Marine Division. His greatest memories of the Marine Corps involve being deployed under the Combined Special Operations Joint Task Force OIW in Syria.

Tim Larkin, Former Military Intelligence Officer, Spokesperson for G-Sight

Born in Boston to an Irish family, Larkin learned from his environment the social status of being able to defend yourself. But the most impactful event of Larkins’ life was when he was 12. The son of a Navy officer, he and his brother would watch the Navy SEALs train and were adopted as junior mascots while the men trained.

“These guys early on taught me that they were training for a very different thing. You know, they weren’t training because somebody was bullying them or they had threats. They were training with the idea of how to effectively use violence to protect the country. It was really startling. I didn’t realize what an effect it had on me.”

So with the zeal of a young man pursuing a dream career, Larkin went on to ace SEAL training and might still be there if fate hadn’t had a different path in store for him. A catastrophic jump that Larkin was lucky to survive would change everything.

Told he’d never be an active agent again and moved to the Intelligence area of the SEALs, Larkin learned a wide-range of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. He also took with him the life lesson that he has used to inform everything about how he handles the world.



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