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Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

Andi Dupper- Marketing Manager- G-Sight Solutions


I am excited to introduce the newest member of the G-Sight Customer Experience team, Jose Garcia Rizo.  Jose joined the team at the beginning of September 2021.

Jose was enlisted in the Marines right out of high school. I 8 years in the Marine Corps, he attained the rank of Sergeant and billet of a squad leader. He had the home of being assigned to the prestigious 1st Marine Division. His greatest memories of the Marine Corps involve being deployed under the Combined Special Operations Joint Task Force OIR in Syria.

Prior to joining the G-Sight team, Jose worked in Law Enforcement as Deputy Sheriff and did security contracting. He is the proud father of two little boys and loves spending time with them outdoors.  In his down time, he’s shooting, hiking, grilling, and exercising, in general anything that puts him in a state of motion.

When I asked him about working for G-Sight he had this to say,

“I love the culture of this company and it’s pursuit to providing great tools to new shooters as well as experienced ones. I can certainly say I enjoy being an employee for a company in an industry that is also my main hobby.”

Jose is committed to living his best life in honor and inspiration of his friends; two killed in combat and many others to suicide.

We are honored to welcome this Veteran to our team.

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